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Lovebeon Creates a Buzz in the Natural Foods Market (with Avi Markus)

September 24, 2020

If you're in need of a pick me up, today's guest will come to the rescue with his personality and product. Avi Markus is the president of BeOn Energy Gems. Dark chocolate energy supplements, packed with caffeine so you can skip those runs to Starbucks.

Listen in to hear how Avi first got involved with the natural foods space and the other ventures he's been involved with. Avi shares his most challenging and rewarding parts of being an entrepreneur. 

From there we dive into the BeOn product line and how things have shifted in a post COVID world from retail to eCommerce. 

Avi then shares his thoughts on what its like being a food marketer that does work in the US but is based in Canada.

It's interesting to hear his thoughts around influencer marketing and the natural foods industry from his experience and what others should consider.

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